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Stand by for some huge news around January 2022! Meanwhile, please feel free to browse through the pages with all the VALENSIA videos, his discography, photos and much more here on the VALENSIAOFFICIAL website.


VALENSIA informed us he is back in the studio to record what he says to be 'the most difficult cover he ever did, even surpassing VALENSIA'S cover of BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY by QUEEN in levels of difficulty and multitracking.' Possibly in January 2022 VALENSIA will reveal which song he has covered, and why it was far more difficult than the very complex Queen song.


The official VALENSIA website has been re-launched after the 2020 LOCKDOWN hiatus. Make sure to check VALENSIA's Wikilensia.org to read the real, true and undistorted biography of VALENSIA.
After we revised and corrected some of the Wikipedia information, we were warned by Wikipedia that the artist himself wasn't allowed to suggest corrections on his own page, even if the data on Wikipedia was inaccurate. VALENSIA asked DIGITAL DREAMS to create Wikilensia.org instead.


Valensia I - Gaia
Date: 1993

Bass Guitar [All Bass Guitars] [Uncredited] – Marcel Schimscheimer
Design – Myosotis
Design Concept [Concept] – Valensia
Engineer – John Sonneveld
Mastered By – Marcel Gelderblom
Other [Visage] – Yolanda Soniga
Photography By – Niels van Iperen
Producer, Mixed By – John Sonneveld, Pim Koopman*
Written-By, Composed By, Arranged By, Instruments, Vocals – Valensia

Recorded & mixed at Wisseloord Studios, Hilversum.
Mastered on Sonic Solution at Wisseloord Studios, Hilversum.
Design: Myosotis, Baarn
Publ.: MCA / Valensia Music except track 9 published by EMI--Music Publishing.

Produced & Mixed by Pim Koopman instead of "Produced & mixed by Pim Koopman" on the backsleeve & back of the booklet.
All bassguitars by Marcel Schimscheimer. is not mentioned on the back of the booklet.
Saxophones: Philip Kolb.

℗© 1993 Phonogram BV, The Netherlands.

Date: 1996

All songs written, composed & arranged by Valensia.
Produced & mixed by John Sonneveld & Pim Koopman.
Engineered by John Sonneveld.
Recorded & mixed at Wisseloord Studios, Hilversum.
Mastered by Sander van der Heide on Sonic Solution
at Wisseloord Studios, Hilversum.
Album concept by Valensia. Design: Myosotis, Baarn.
Photography by Niels van Iperen.
Published by MCA/ Valensia Music.

Hans Eijkenaar plays exclusively
on SONOR drums and Zildjian Cymbals.

The Very Best of Valensia
Date: 1997

(Thailand-Indonesian Release / Cassette) (1997)

A1. The Beating Of My Heart
Lead Vocals – Valensia

A2. The Sun
Bass Guitar – Marcel Schimscheimer
Drums – Juan van Emmerloot
Instruments, Vocals – Valensia
Percussion – Eddie Conard
Trombone – Jel Jongen

A3. Nathalie
Bass Guitar – Marcel Schimscheimer
Drums – Hans Eijkenaar
Grand Piano – Robby Valentine
Instruments, Vocals – Valensia

A4. Kosmos
Accordion – Pim Kops
Backing Vocals – Anja Iken
Bass [Fretless], Sampler, Synthesizer, Harmony Vocals, Lead Vocals – Valensia
Contractor [Strings] – Daniel Otten
Drums – Hans Eykenaar

Grand Piano, Voice [Nostradamus] – Pim Koopman
Percussion – Eddie Conard
Tenor Saxophone – Allard Buwalda

A5. The Masquerade
Backing Vocals – Pim Koopman, Valensia
Contractor [Strings] – Daniel Otten
Drums – Hans Eykenaar

Grand Piano, Guitar [Semi Clean Strat] – Pim Koopman
Guitar, Lead Vocals – Valensia
Percussion – Eddie Conard

B1. Blue Rain
Bass, Grand Piano, Guitar, Strings, Synthesizer, Sampler, Harmony Vocals, Lead Vocals – Valensia
Drums – Hans Eykenaar
Percussion – Eddie Conard
Saxophone – Allard Buwalda

B2. Never Eyes
Bass – Marcel Schimscheimer
Contractor [Strings] – Erno Olah

Drums – Hans Eykenaar
Drums [Scottish Drum Section] – Hans Eykenaar
, Pim Koopman
Grand Piano – Pim Koopman
Guitar [Ending], Sampler, Synthesizer, Harmony Vocals, Lead Vocals – Valensia
Horns – Roel Koster
Voice [Female] – Petra Burger

B3. My Heart Is In Your Hands
Grand Piano – Robby Valentine
Instruments, Vocals – Valensia
Percussion – Valensia
Percussion, Hihat [Additional], Cymbal [Additional] – Pim Koopman

B4. Gaia
Engineer – John Sonneveld

B5. A View To A Kill
Bass, Instruments, Vocals, Harmony Vocals – Valensia
Drums – Juan van Emmerloot
Percussion – Eddie Conard
Tenor Saxophone – Allard Buwalda

Producer, Mixed By – John Sonneveld (tracks: A2 to A5, B1 to B4), Pim Koopman (tracks: A2 to A5, B1 to B4)
Written-By, Arranged By – Valensia (tracks: A1 to A5, B1 to B4)

V III - Valensia '98 Musical Blue Paraphernalia Dreams Of Earth's Eventide Whiter Future & Darker Present Soundspheres From New Diamond Age Symphonian Artworks To Yesterday's Westernworld Rockcraft Under The Raging Nineties' Silver Promise Of The Happy Hundreds On The Break Of The New Millenium's Hazy Misty Dawn.
Date: 29 Jun 1998

Bass – Michel Van Schie
Drums – Hans Eijcnaar*
Engineer, Recorded By – John Sonneveld (Tracks: 1 to 5, 7 to 10)
Guitar, Vocals – Valensia
Horns – Jel Jongen, Serge Plume
Photography By – Niels Van Iperen
Producer, Mixed By – John Sonneveld, Valensia
Strings – Joke op 't Land
Written - By, Arranged By – Valensia

Gaia II
Date: 18 Oct 2000

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Grand Piano, Keyboards, Sampler, Synthesizer, Harmony Vocals, Lead Vocals, Written-By, Arranged By, Recorded By, Engineer, Mixed By, Producer, Mastered By, Design – Valensia.
Design [Front Cover] – Christy Evenboer.
Drums – David Clarkson.
Other [Visage] – Marie Antoinette.
Recorded By, Engineer [Drums] – John Sonneveld.

The Blue Album
Date: 24 Jul 2002

Recorded By, Mixed By [Bass Guitar] – David Clarkson, Emanuel Platino.
Recorded By, Mixed By, Edited By [Drums] – David Clarkson.
Written By, Arranged By, Recorded By, Engineer, Mixed By, Producer, Mastered By, Photography, Other [Make-Up] – Valensia Clarkson.

Queen Tribute
Date: 21 May 2003

It wouldn't be a Queen Tribute if I'd transform Queen songs into something typically Valensian. Recording Bohemian Rhapsody was my first try on Queen material, to see how close I could get to the original. From there I tried to record the other songs as Queen-like as possible, but reshaping the songs based on my ideas of how those same songs would have sounded if ..other decisions would have been made, if the song would have been recorded a year sooner or later. There are numerous events that influence the course of the song's writings and recordings.

I love the way Queen sounded in the early years. There are precious little moments within many Queen songs that make me want to listen to it over and over again. Like Killer Queen's "..temporarily out of gas, to absolutely drive you wild", the starting phrase of Bohemian Rhapsody "Is this the real life" or "Scaramouche", "Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me". Flick Of The Wrist, Fairy Feller's Master Stroke, The March Of the Black Queen, The Millionaire Waltz. With this covering-the-other-way-around approach I might have been able to capture one or two precious little moments that didn't exist yet. Just one would be sufficient.

I remember my parents having lots of records from all kinds of artists. From Roxy Music to Randy Newman. But no voice was so attractive and beautiful like the voice of Freddie Mercury. And when he sings harmony vocals, it sounded like heaven to me. It still does. Add the most tasteful guitarplaying and voice of Brian May to it,
the even as tasteful bass playing of John Deacon and, again, the absolute tasteful drumming of Roger Taylor -who has this witch-like ultra high voice-, which really does the trick on those magnificent harmonyvocals, and in my estimation, you'll have yourself the definition of the ultimate and greatest rock-band. And you know what? I miss em.

Here's my 47 minute-chance to -at last- try to breathe some new life into the early Queen atmospheres.

Wanna try?

This album contains NO samples of any Queen-recording whatsoever, neither does it contain any samples or recordangs of the voice of Freddie Mercury.

Drums performed, engineered and recorded by David Clarkson.
Guitars, piano, bas, harmony and leadvocals performed, recorded, engineered, mixed and produced by Valensia Clarkson.
Photography by Kathy Antoine.
Album artwork designed by Valensia Clarkson.
Valensia plays exclusively on FERNANDES Valensia Unicorn Guitars.

Special thanks to all at Marquee, Naohiro Yamazaki, all Queen fans for excellent musical taste; you're superior! A Big Thank You for your support and giving me a kick to go for it. Sound Genius David for 'being brothers' Loves and Lights of my life Maaike and Alyssa Gaia, my mother & father.

Very special thanks to John Deacon, Freddie Mercury, Brian May and Roger Taylor for being Queen.

All Valensia fans of Japan: Thank you must of all. This has been your idea and I loved.

To Brian, Roger and John: No, I said No and I meant No!
I will NOT be the new leadsinger of Queen, and that's final?

The style presented on this album is invented by Queen only and merely a personal interpretation,
impression and reflection of the early Queen sound, intended as a tribute to one of the greatest rocklegends
ever, recorded and performed for this one time eve